I know. . . I know. . . I’m a slacker sometimes. . .

OK, what started out with the best intentions of me keeping all of you wonderful friends informed of things going on in the Quilt This! world has been pushed to the side for the following reasons: work (of course), construction on the building addition, and my sister’s 3am false alarm labors. That being said, here are the facts to bring you up to date: The building is progressing (just more slowly), my sister still has not had her baby (she wanted to have it on the 5th) (I say want because obviously the baby wants something else and they are having a clash of wills – God save us when this kid is 13), and Robin was busy getting the Fabric and Pattern gallery working for our web site. Cross your fingers!

Please see our next post for pictures of the addition. We are now very frustrated that it just can’t be finished overnight (wouldn’t that be wonderful?) On to the happier news, we are having a SALE!!! Christmas in July begins on July 19th and will be ongoing until July 21st. Stop in and click on our catalog link: http://www.quilt-this.com/cgi-bin/Store/store.cgi?cart_id=7066021.25585.s0&lastmenu=&product=Cybersale_Main

I promise pictures soon! (Honest!, I swear)



About quiltthis

We are an online retail fabric store catering to lovers of fabric and quilting. We stock full collections of fabric to serve all of our customers needs.

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