The Expansion!

All right, you’ve waited patiently and now you’re going to get a few sneak peeks at our new renovation and added space! When we began this dream of an expansion in October 2007, we did not think it would take until now to see an (almost) finished product. That just goes to show you that, in construction, nothing is definite.

This is from June 2008:

Framed wall of office space

Framed wall of office space

 and this is the same area now – today – February 26th 2009 (gasp!)

Same wall space

Same wall space

That’s right, folks! We managed to drywall (with a subcontractor), texture, paint, and install lights. Well, actually, the amazing husband/son-in-law did all that with a little help.

Here’s the good part though:

This is what the cutting/fabric storage space looked like in June 2008:

Cutting and Fabric Storage

Cutting and Fabric Storage

and here it is in all it’s mostly finished glory today:

Cutting and fabric storage

Cutting and fabric storage

Sorry, this second picture can’t be from the same angle as there are a TON of cabinet boxes in the way.

Check back soon for completion pictures!!

Jennifer and Robin


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We are an online retail fabric store catering to lovers of fabric and quilting. We stock full collections of fabric to serve all of our customers needs.

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