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The Expansion!

All right, you’ve waited patiently and now you’re going to get a few sneak peeks at our new renovation and added space! When we began this dream of an expansion in October 2007, we did not think it would take until now to see an (almost) finished product. That just goes to show you that, in construction, nothing is definite.

This is from June 2008:

Framed wall of office space

Framed wall of office space

 and this is the same area now – today – February 26th 2009 (gasp!)

Same wall space

Same wall space

That’s right, folks! We managed to drywall (with a subcontractor), texture, paint, and install lights. Well, actually, the amazing husband/son-in-law did all that with a little help.

Here’s the good part though:

This is what the cutting/fabric storage space looked like in June 2008:

Cutting and Fabric Storage

Cutting and Fabric Storage

and here it is in all it’s mostly finished glory today:

Cutting and fabric storage

Cutting and fabric storage

Sorry, this second picture can’t be from the same angle as there are a TON of cabinet boxes in the way.

Check back soon for completion pictures!!

Jennifer and Robin


The addition to the business is almost done!

Our 1000 sq. ft. addition is almost done! The home stretch can be so frustrating, though. All we really have left to do is lay some flooring, paint a second coat on all the walls, and tile the bathroom shower area and floor. However, as Murphy’s law dictates, our very intelligent free labor (read as husband) is down for the count with a bulging disc in his back. We look forward to when it is finished, not only for our sanity, but also for our ability to fill orders much quicker and pull fabric from one location instead of several. We hope to be moving in by March 1st.

Wish us luck!

Come See our New Arrivals!

Sorry it has been so long since our last posting! We have been working very hard to get our business addition done and it is nearing the home stretch. Who knew it would be so hard to pick cabinetry and ceiling fans and lights that don’t look like something from an institution?

New arrivals are pouring in!! We have just received several new fabrics in the last weeks with more to come. We have Kasuri by Hoffman, Natural Splendor by Wilmington Prints, American Heritage by Windham, Winding Ways Quilt and Bread and Butter by Red Rooster. We will also be getting Woodland Blooms by Moda, Cottage Charm by Henry Glass, English Countryside by RJR and more!

Watch for our Anniversary sale in November!

Happy Quilting!

I know. . . I know. . . I’m a slacker sometimes. . .

OK, what started out with the best intentions of me keeping all of you wonderful friends informed of things going on in the Quilt This! world has been pushed to the side for the following reasons: work (of course), construction on the building addition, and my sister’s 3am false alarm labors. That being said, here are the facts to bring you up to date: The building is progressing (just more slowly), my sister still has not had her baby (she wanted to have it on the 5th) (I say want because obviously the baby wants something else and they are having a clash of wills – God save us when this kid is 13), and Robin was busy getting the Fabric and Pattern gallery working for our web site. Cross your fingers!

Please see our next post for pictures of the addition. We are now very frustrated that it just can’t be finished overnight (wouldn’t that be wonderful?) On to the happier news, we are having a SALE!!! Christmas in July begins on July 19th and will be ongoing until July 21st. Stop in and click on our catalog link:

I promise pictures soon! (Honest!, I swear)


It’s Alive!!! The new building rises from the ground.

This will be the office, bathroom, and kitchenette area.This is the outside wall of the storage building.







 It’s official! We are expanding. After over eight months of planning and over six months of biting our nails and keeping fabric in every available space imaginable, we are going to be able to keep it all in one place in our additional building. I swear sometimes I expected to come into the cutting room and see bolts levitating because there was no more room. There will be an office space, bathroom, kitchenette, and a large storage area for all the wonderful fabric collections and notions and above all a large cutting table for 2 people to work at the same time!! We are excited to be able to bring you even faster service and a larger selection!